Internet Traffic Monitor?


Remember this something that’s as useful as the internet traffic monitoring software is almost impossible to be offered free. This is, unless of course, Santa Claus and the Good Samaritan are real persons, but, unluckily enough, they’re not.

internet traffic monitor


Well, if you try to search for internet traffic monitor freewares on Goggle, you’ll definitely have results of links that you could easily click. But be careful with these results. Some of them are just disguised spywares and other “malicious programs” that wouldn’t do anything good to your computer. You can still try your luck with these results, just remember, however, that if the websites they’re in look malicious, don’t even think of hitting the download button.

But hey, we’re not completely saying that it’s impossible to find free internet traffic monitor softwares. They may be some good ones on the internet, but they’re hard to find. One is the Netlimiter 2 Monitor, a free program that allows you to identify the source of any unexpected internet activity on your computer. Aside from having a good user interface, this software can even show hidden programs. So, where to find it (we mean, the authentic “it”)? Unfortunately, this is a question we can’t really answer.

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