Internet traffic monitoring tool, Why?


Before you can browse (or purchase something in) the internet with ease and comfort, you need to install a internet traffic monitoring tool in your computer. Don’t worry, majority of these tools are free and are readily available for download on the internet.

internet traffic monitoring too

You can try visiting NMTF tools (this is the first site that’ll appear in your Google search). You can find all the basic internet traffic tools you need here. Aside from traffic monitoring tools, the site also offers network monitoring tools. If you’re very unfortunate and NMTF tools doesn’t have what you need, consider sniffers. Sniffers is Steve Baum’s rather outdated list of tools. Another site to check out is Zenoss. This one is a bit more updated. Aside from having a very nice looking site template, Zenoss also has an impressive set of monitoring features up for download.

Internet traffic monitoring tool sites

Other sites to check for a internet traffic monitoring tool are: ntop, Pload, Ksnuffle and IPAC.

If you’re particularly more into downloading/uploading files on the internet, we recommend NetBalancer. With NetBalancer installed in your computer, you’ll be able to browse internet comfortably even while your download manager or torrent client is downloading huge files. This Windows software can be used to set download/upload transfer rate priority for applications and monitor their internet traffic.

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